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Liebster Award

So excited on being nominated for the first time for the Liebster Award. Firstly i would like to thank Delicate and Brutal and Blog with Shreya for nominating me for this award. I am truly honored and thankful that you nominated my blog for this award.

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Reading for a Healthy Mind

Hey there Beautiful people.

I always focus on different ways to keep your mind healthy and take care of your mind. You can read my blog on Staying Positive for a healthy mind. Mental wellness is very important and we need to focus on it.

Joseph Addison rightly said “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body

So today we will focus on reading and a healthy mind

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Staying Positive

In present times situations are such that our minds are always occupied with something which leads to stress. We all face situations that make our mind uneasy. That is why its important to inculcate habits to take care of our mind.

We all strive so hard to remain fit, look our best and keep our body healthy that we forget we need to pay attention to having a healthy mind as well.

Staying positive is an important step towards a healthy mind.

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The Lipstick Battle: Bold or Nude ??

Make up for me is incomplete without the perfect Lipstick and its always a tough choice i have to make while selecting the shade.

Well earlier I remember that I would wear the Red and maroon shades during occasions only however now I know that has certainly changed. Where we can surely have a beautiful occasion and wedding look with a pastel or nude lip color and our day to day life can get brightened with a bold lip color.

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Favourite Online Series….

During quarantine we all spent a lot of time at home, with all this time on hand I binge watched a lot of shows online which otherwise i did not have the time or would not have thought of watching..

Once a show was over it would take me quite a while to find another show that caught my attention enough to watch it and I would spend hours online trying to search a show that i could get hooked onto.

So i thought of putting down my favourite shows which i loved.

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The Land of Sun,Sea and Sand….. GOA!!!!!!

Life these days are filled with a lot of hustle bustle and overload of stress. So time to take a much needed break from the busy life of the city.

So took a short break to detox my mind from work and stress and headed to the place best known for relaxation….GGOOOAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

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